Growth Amidst Decline PB


Growth Amidst Decline PB


What the 2016 Scottish Church Census Reveals

What percentage of the Scottish population would you expect to find in church on an average Sunday?  This book not only gives you the answer (over 7%) but breaks this figure down by denomination, age of attenders, church ethos, geography and other ways.  It shows that while there has been overall decline since the previous Census in 2002, there are also important and encouraging areas of growth.

One of the growth factors is the number of new churches springing up, especially in relation to immigrants and various Pentecostal groups.  Over 300 have begun in recent years.  In addition more than 500 churches reported significant congregational growth since 2011.  Some 50,000 children have also started coming to church.

The Census asked questions on ethnicity, length of time people had been attending church, how far they lived from the church, and also about church leadership, how many churches a minister is responsible for, and other facets of their work. 

It looked at midweek activities, whether these be worship meetings, youth activities, or other church-run events, and found that when these are included a tenth of the Scottish population interact with a church every week.  Find out more good news in Growth Amidst Decline!

This book gives an up-to-date overview of the life of the many Scottish churches, and those who attend them, and the likely changes that lie in the years ahead. 

It’s important reading for ministers, senior church leaders, strategic thinkers, academics, researchers, students, politicians, business people and all interested in the changing fortunes of church life today and the invaluable contribution the church makes in its community work to the nation’s life.

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Author: Peter Brierley

Published by: ADBC Publishers

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