UK Church Statistics No 3 2018 Edition

“I’m extremely impressed by this publication.  Rarely have I found a reference book on any topic that is this comprehensive, detailed, and easy to navigate. It’s an excellent piece of work; thank you for your efforts in producing it.” 

(From an insurance company Market and Competitor Intelligence Executive on UK Church Statistics No 2)

We are naturally grateful for all such kind comments which we have received about previous issues of this volume. 

So useful.”  “Nobody else seems to be doing what you are doing,” from a senior official in one of the many Christian agencies.  And others also.  Thank you for your commendations.

This further volume updates the numbers in the previous volumes and gives details of the number of members, churches and ministers for the 250+ denominations in the UK.  Every known denomination was contacted directly or their website used for information (with numbers estimated from past data if no reply).

It covers the years consecutively from 2012 through to 2017, and then gives an estimate for 2022, often provided by the individual denomination itself.  The Introduction draws out the major trends and items of importance from this mass of data.  In particular several key groups have been especially analysed.

There is a new section on the 2016 Scottish Church Census, with maps showing the changes to churchgoing.  There is another new section purely on church attendance rather than membership, giving details by age, denomination, ethnicity, churchmanship, environment, gender, county, and over time. 

There is a special analysis across the 51 African countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the growth seen from 1970 to 2015, with an article assessing the importance of Africa for the global Christian scene.  In addition there are essays on church growth, Christian research organizations, immigrant churches, church planting and the ageing in the church and its consequences. There is also a section on religious and social statistics as well as a comprehensive 1,200-entry Index.

The volume gives the latest data at your finger-tips in an easily accessible and user-friendly mode.  Graphs and charts illustrate the figures throughout, and the forward-looking estimates give valuable indications of possible trends (both positive and negative).

Editor: Peter Brierley

Published by: ADBC Publishers

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The Introduction and the essays in this book may all be viewed in the ‘Where is the Church going?’ section on this website

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